Anxiety & Hypoglycemia Relief Institute

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The Anxiety & Hypoglycemia Relief Institute

is an educational service that provides information about anxiety, hypoglycemia, the relationship

between anxiety and hypoglycemia, and recommendations.  Information is provided via

low-cost lectures in NYC (no charge to doctors, nurses, teachers, your family members), free or low-cost audio tapes and booklets, and a free emailed recommendation file.





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(Site #2  is maintained by Safe Harbor, a non-profit org., and uses material by Prof. Levitt, with permission.)

Margo Kidder (SupermanÂ’s Lois Lane) is the spokeswoman for this site which has many

articles by experts in the health field.  A long  article by Prof. Levitt explains the connection between hypoglycemia and anxiety and has recommendations.


Other websites with similar & additional  information arranged  differently:


(Site #3 is maintained by Prof. Levitt.)

This site is arranged as a more conventional (html) long page

with scroll bar.




(Prof. LevittÂ’s page on this site is maintained by him.)

Prof. Levitt ,  a college professor and educator (not a doctor),  is listed in this directory of healers since the information he shares can lead to healing. This site also gives detailed information about upcoming lectures by Prof. Levitt.




Site #5 (not maintained by Prof. Levitt)  includes personal experience of a mis-diagnosed patient plus an article by Prof. Levitt (used by permission) explaining how hypoglycemia produces anxiety.


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